Sieg Founded 1988

Shanghai SIEG Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1988.

 SIEG PC board and motor 2004

In 2004 the SIEG PC board and motor factory was founded.

SIEG CNC machine factory 2006

In 2008 SIEG CNC machine factory was founded.

We have a team of well qualified technicians and service personnel, who are well geared to produce some of the world’s hottest machines, backed up by quality support. We also provide an extensive range of accessories ideally matched for use with our machines. This package provides for an ideal customer experience.

The South African distributor was founded in 2005. We are very proud to be associated with SIEG Machinery Co., Ltd in China. It is often said that the quality of goods coming from China is of a poor standard. This is not so with SIEG Machinery Co., Ltd. Many of our customers have confirmed this over and over again. Spares are readabile available. We carry common spares for the popular machines.